Intruder Alarm Systems

Bespoke Intruder Alarm Systems that are designed to protect your people, your assests and your property giving you a safer mind.


ProudCastle Solutions hold NSI NACOSS Gold for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Intruder Detection Systems.  All systems conform to:

  • BS 9263:2016 Intruder and hold-up alarm systems. Commissioning, maintenance and remote support.
  • PD6662:2017 - Intruder Alarm Systems
  • BS 8243:2010+A1:2014 Installation and configuration of intruder and hold-up alarm systems designed to generate confirmed alarm conditions. Code of practice. (Police Responsive Systems)

Deterring intruders, protecting your most valuable assets & minimising disruption

Intruder detection systems by ProudCastle range from alarms, control panels, shock sensors, motion sensors to fully integrated intrusion and door control security installations. The correct intruder alarm and highly visible intruder defense solutions can actively deter unauthorised entry. 

Risk Assessment and Grading of Intruder Detection Systems

ProudCastle will carry out a risk assessment on your premises to look at security risks, methods and routes of entry and escape and the past break in history.  This assessment will identify what needs protecting and how best to do this in the premises and we will provide you with a grade of system to install.  The grade of intruder alarm system may be particularly important if you are depending on the alarm system for insurance cover. Insurers may specify a particular grade of system or aspect of design, depending on the nature of the risk you are aiming to protect.

Grading of Intruder Detection Systems






Intruders are expected to have little knowledge of the alarm system and may be restricted to a limited range of easily available tools.


Low to medium

Intruders are expected to have a little more knowledge of the alarm system and use a general range of tools and some specialist equipment

3 Medium to high Intruders are expected to be conversant with the alarm system and have a comprehensive range of tools and portable electronic equipment.
4 High To be used when security takes precedence over all other factors. Intruders are expected to have the resources to plan an intrusion in detail and have a full range of equipment, including the means to substitute vial components in the alarm system.

Most commercial premises will require a Grade 2 or 3 system.

Fully integrated intruder detection solutions

Because ProudCastle are experts in the integration of open protocol systems, they can provide you with a fully Integrated solution. Making use of any aspects of your current electronic security system to ensure you get the most cost effective solution. Ensuring your people, premises and assets are protected from burglary, fire damage and inventory shrinkage.

Perimeter protection including glass break, seismic and shock sensors

The protection of your property, assets and people is of paramount importance. Minimising the impact an intruder can have and the disruption of a break-in means acting fast. For this reason ProudCastle use a variety of sensors placed on outdoor windows, doors, roller shutters and gates.

Signals received from any sensor are sent to ProudCastle's alarm monitoring centre

Once a sensor has been set off a trained professional will respond immediately with the appropriate actions for your facility. Initially this will be to validate the sensor has detected an intruder and it's not a false alarm. Within seconds the emergency services will be informed and the relevant co-ordinated response initiated.

You need robust systems because intruders can strike when you there

Your staff safety is paramount which means your internal protection can incorporate a personal attack system. This can be activated in an event of threatening behaviour or and attack. This will trigger an immediate audible alarm to inform others in the location and hopefully prevent or stop the attack.

Preventative and Reactive Maintenance

All systems installed will benefit from regular planned maintenance to ensure the systems are fully tested and compliant with BS 9263 2016.  ProudCastle offer a 24 hour, 365 days support centre for any reactive calls.  More information on preventative maintenance.

ProudCastle's solutions incorporate:

  •    Insurance approved Alarm Systems and installed to current British Standards
  •    Remote Monitoring
  •    Police, Keyholder or mobile phone notification of alarms
  •    Personal attack and Lone Worker Alarms
  •    Wireless systems with smart home mobile apps
  •    Perimeter Security
  •    Security fog / smoke sensors
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