Integrated electronic security solutions for Housing Associations with multiple occupancy properties

Multiple occupancy housing is a challenging environment to manage especially when it comes to fire protection interpretation and compliance

A diverse range of occupants, their needs and your responsibilities

Multiple occupancy housing can be a challenging environment to manage. ProudCastle have years of experience and understand the responsibilities and concerns facing Housing Associations today. Especially when it comes to fire protection interpretation and compliance. Fire legislation updates to the way disabled and vulnerable persons are affected are constantly changing.

Protecting your property as well as the occupants in it

ProudCastle has the understanding and experience to advise on how to comply with the law as well as on how to best protect the many types of property that exist across the various housing association portfolios. We also understand the challenges faced across the broad social spectrum housing associations cater for. This understanding helps us provide you with the most practical solution on a property by property basis.

Being proactive means we drive down cost and reduce your exposure to risk

Because ProudCastle have extensive experience of multiple occupancy housing we can support you with proactive solutions to help you reduce unnecessary cost. At the same time drawing on our experience to highlight areas of potential exposure to risk - whether this be through vandalism or other means.

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